2012 – A Year To Remember Or A Year To Forget

12th January 2012

Already as we enter Week 2 of 2012 you will be growing tired of all the doom and gloom that the economists, the media, and the pundits are showering us in. Will the Single Currency survive or not? By how much will house prices fall? Just how much harder will it get to take out a mortgage? And so it goes on…………………..

Most of us are pretty sure that things are going to be tough. Business is going to flat line at best with a few exceptions. Salaries will be frozen….again! And with inflation growing we are all going to be worse off.

So how down in the mouth should we be feeling?

For Christmas my son gave me the epic 6 disc box set of Steven Spielberg’s classic “The Pacific”, which charts the lives of various young American marines who went off to fight the Japanese during the latter half of World War II. Their foe was notorious for refusing to surrender resulting in many atrocious battles being fought quite literally until no one remained standing. Not only this, but the conditions were horrendous with monsoon for much of the time and the associated illness and disease. I commend this film to you if only to remind you how comfortable our lives are even in these so-called difficult times.

On the Property front 2012 will continue to be challenging with competitive pricing being the key to success. However, one thing is for sure and that is that if you are thinking of moving house the next few years will offer huge opportunities. 85% of buyers move within a 20 mile radius of their current property, so the highs and lows of the market will be the same.

I have a property to sell this year so I am with you if you are a vendor. I know I will have to accept less than I would like to, but equally I hope to buy something for far less than I would have thought possible a few years ago.

I think 2012 will be a year to remember for many reasons, not least because we have our dearly loved Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June followed shortly afterwards by “Our” Olympic Games in July. So don’t be glum, be positive and if you are feeling down just thank your lucky stars you are not at Guadalcanal.

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