A1 Motorway upgrade brings gold to the dales

24th November 2011

“Until now, living in the North Yorkshire Dales has been a privilege, bringing countless benefits – not least the prospect of homes up to 25% cheaper than those near the commercial centres further south. But these bargain prices may be about to end”, says Tim Brown of George F White as some of the 50mph speed restrictions on the A1(M) were removed last month.

Tim’s optimism is based on increased demand for property in this area, due to the completion of the long awaited motorway upgrade to the A1. With journey times about to be much reduced, demand for dream homes further north could well increase to compensate!

Tim based at the Bedale Office of George F White says “Unfortunate motorists who have had to travel along the A1(M) between Dishforth and Leeming Bar on a regular basis during the last few years will be gladdened by the opening of the first stretch of upgraded motorway at the southern end. One of the long awaited dividends of this highways scheme is that it will feel as if Yorkshire has just got smaller, which will result in added interest in property that is suddenly more accessible to York and Leeds.”

So what impact could this have upon North Yorkshire? Apart from speed, this quicker route to the main commercial centres, such as York, Harrogate, and Leeds as well as all the satellite towns and villages, will enable much quicker commutes from the north of the county. The Bedale Office of George F White has for years expounded the benefits of buying a home in the much cheaper and more attractive Dales country north of Masham and Thirsk. However, in the past the spectre of a commute greater than the Golden Hour has put many off buying a home in lower Wensleydale. As the new motorway will cut 15 minutes off the average commute south, suddenly, the attractions of a house in the Dales for a city commuter is now a realistic possibility.

With house prices on average 25% cheaper north of the “Golden Triangle” as it became known, it will now be possible to own the house that was previously only dreamed of and get to work in less than an hour. Maybe the Golden Triangle will lose some of its glitter or perhaps that triangle might just become a lot bigger.

Tim believes that the situation should be a wake-up call to those seeking to take advantage: “Here at George F White, we already have a growing list of people looking for properties in the north of the county, so to benefit, don’t hang about, look to purchase now before further potential growth in demand sets in. As sure as eggs are eggs, house prices will rise when the benefits of the quicker access times are realised.”

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