Advice For Selling This Autumn

4th November 2013

The summer period which is always the busiest for house sales has now ended but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell in the autumn market. We’ve gathered together a few helpful bits of advice on presenting your house that will help give your property the edge this autumn.


The way your property is marketed both online and off is key to attracting potential buyers and good photographs vital. So if your property has been on the market for a while a new set of photographs in the autumn season will help your marketability. New photos taken on a sunny autumnal day and from new angles will help catch the eye of potential purchasers who may have glanced over your property on past searches.

Kerb Appeal

A first impression is always important so you need to ensure that when people are viewing your property the outside of your home, from their car door to your front door, is looking great. This includes:

  • Ensuring all paths are clear of any dead leaves which may have fallen

  • Dead plants have been removed from your front garden

  • Gutters are clear

  • Any old looking window panes have had a fresh lick of paint

Autumn Inside

When people are viewing your home, giving it an autumnal look will help give your home a cosy feel that potential buyers will want to live in. This includes things like having flowers displayed that are made up of reds and purples which are associated with autumn. Cinnamon and Autumn Berry air fresheners are a nice touch too. It will all help add to the atmosphere and help buyers’ picture themselves spending winter and Christmas in your home.

Flexible Viewings

As the dark nights are here some potential buyers may wish to view your property at weekends instead of after work during the week. This is so they can get a good look around the property and gardens in daylight so you may need some flexibility to accommodate these viewings.

Light and Space

If you are doing viewings in the evenings you’ll need to keep your property clutter free and well lit so potential buyers can visual the space your property has to offer. You won’t get any natural light from outside so by doing this you’ll be helping to present your property at its best.

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