Average rents rise across the North East region for third month in a row

7th June 2021

After many years of landlords seeing their rental returns decline due to increased supply and the significant number of legislative burdens placed upon them, there is some good news for landlords. In the North East region, average rents rose for the third month in a row from February to April, and over the course of the previous year (April 2020-April 2021), average rents in the North East have risen by over 8% (source Goodlord Rental Index). This is partly due to the increased demand fuelled by the pandemic, and the decreased supply as some landlords look to off-load their portfolios.

With interest rates still relatively low, now is a great time for a landlord to look to increase their portfolio, or to become a first-time landlord. Using an agent to manage your property for you takes the stress and burden away from you, and ensures you are properly protected in terms of the legal requirements placed upon landlords. George F. White are an ARLA PropertyMark agent, meaning our teams are fully qualified and in the best position to manage your investment and maximise your return.

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