The Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) has now opened

1st March 2017

The Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) application process opened on the 1st March using the Rural Payments Service meaning that ‘active farmers’ can now claim to receive entitlements to support their main business income.

Sally Horrocks of Land, Property and Business consultancy firm, George F. White states that ‘Despite their being very few changes to the application process, applicants must pay particular attention to the ‘Greening Rules’ as over 1,200 applications did not meet the requirements in both 2015 and 2016. Alongside ‘Greening Rules’ applicants should also be wary of submitting on behalf of another person or business and ensure that they have received ‘BPS Submit’ permission before going forward with an application.’

The BPS application deadline is the 15th May 2017. If you would like advice and/or assistance with your BPS application then please get in touch with Sally Horrocks on or 01677 458201.


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