Budget Comment from Tim Hawe, Head of Alnwick Residential

23rd March 2011

“It is a positive step for the government to help first time buyers. These are by and far the largest group of willing buyers who at this moment CAN’T buy because of their inability to get mortgages and deposits together, so any attempt to help them is welcomed. We are still unclear of how exactly this will work but the idea of £250 million being put into some sort of shared equity scheme looks most likely. Again any move is a welcome move to help first time buyers, but I was disappointed that we didn’t see more pressure being put on the banks to increase their borrowing. The issue in the market continues to be the ABILITY to buy not the DESIRE. So I would have preferred that they spent the bankers profits not on a Shared Equity Scheme but instead in encouraging banks and mortgage lender to put good quality mortgage products to the market which will help all potential buyers make a move.”

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