Burning with Enthusiasm for First Firewood Fair

14th September 2011

Rural specialists George F. White have announced they will be the main supporters of the very first Northumberland Firewood Fair on Sunday 16th October. Partner and Auctioneer Tom Oates will oversee all the auction action at Meldon Park near Morpeth when members of the public will have the unique chance to bid for their winter wood supplies.

Organised by Northwoods The North East Woodlands Initiative, the Northumberland Firewood Fair is only the second event of its kind in the country. Already a host of forestry and timber businesses have pledged their support for this community event. Whatever their requirement from a few bags of logs up to a full lorry load, buyers will be able to earmark their lots by viewing all the firewood and roundwood before the auction. At the top of everyone’s list will be seasoned hardwood which burns the longest and throws out plenty of heat.

Tom Oates explains why George F. White is supporting the event; “We are delighted when Northwoods asked if we would get involved in the Northumberland Firewood Fair. These may be some of the most unusual lots I have had to auction but it fits perfectly with our company ethos. I’m looking forward to the day, I’m sure that there will be a great atmosphere, not only will people have chance to try and get a bargain on their winter fuel costs but it’s a great way of promoting green energy and an industry which is important to the local economy.”

As a company George F. White is committed to helping people produce more of their energy from sustainable sources and as fuel prices continue to rise, they are seeing increased interest in wood boilers and related technologies. Until recently, firewood was the fuel of choice for heating the home and it seems that man’s most ancient form of heating is about to make a comeback. As Tom explains, “Wood, if managed properly is a major source of renewable and relatively cheap energy and has many environmental benefits. Firewood suppliers are often involved in tree planting schemes and this is allowing the conservation of our woodland habitats.”

Both timber and green energy are important for the North East as they are amongst the few industrial sectors which are seeing growth. 1500 people are employed in the region’s timber industry believed to be worth around £40,000. Ben Tansey, Director of Northwoods says, “This event is really important for creating awareness of the timber industry and we are pleased that George F White will be bringing their expertise to the sale ensuring we have a professional and enthusiastic first auction.”

The Northumberland Firewood Fair will take place at 10am on Sunday 16th October at Meldon Park five miles West of Morpeth. In addition to the firewood auction there will be a trade show with advice from companies providing wood stoves, boilers and processing equipment to encourage people to make more use of this sustainable source of energy.

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