Changes to Planning Legislation to Provide Development Opportunities

9th February 2017

Developers, housebuilders and landowners are being urged not to miss out on the opportunities that new government planning legislation will provide.

The recent Housing Whitepaper release paves the way for smoother, easier planning permission processes in order to build new homes across the UK, in the latest attempt by the government to solve the housing crisis.

Commenting on the Whitepaper, Craig Ross, Senior Planning Consultant at land, property and business consultancy George F. White, said: “The emphasis on planning for the right homes in the right places, by maximising the contribution from brownfield and surplus public sector land, and building homes faster by reducing red tape, are especially relevant to landowners, house builders and developers alike. For example, the release of smaller sized sites will enable communities to grow. By enabling faster, easier planning permission processes, developers and house builders can attain more land quickly, while it’s also a win for landowners looking to maximise the potential of their land.”

Craig continued: “The policies and procedures set out in the Whitepaper are making all the right noises to try and increase development opportunities including changes in planning policy to encourage higher densities on urban sites, the need for councils to review housing targets every five years, a standardised national approach to working out how many homes councils need to build including making it clear that ‘Build to Rent’ is to be encouraged. It’s a really interesting and transitioning time for the planning and development sector and it would be a mistake not to take advantage of the opportunities the proposed changes will provide.”

If you would like to discuss how the proposed legislative changes could benefit you, please contact Craig Ross on or 01665 600 163.

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