Consultation Notice: Dawson’s Cottages

20th August 2018



The Charity is considering applying for a Scheme of the Charity Commission to broaden the purpose for which the Charity was established and, therefore, to broaden the class of persons who it can support (its “Beneficiary Class”).

Current purpose and Beneficiary Class

The current purpose of the Charity is the provision of accommodation for widows of good character up in years who are deserving and in need of assistance.

Proposed new purpose and Beneficiary Class

The Charity’s trustees believe that the current purpose is outdated and does not reflect modern times. They cannot always find eligible beneficiaries to take up residence.

The trustees therefore intend to broaden the Beneficiary Class to cover persons who are elderly and in need, together with their dependents, spouses, and civil partners of such persons and those who live together as though they were husband and wife, and their carers.

Given the narrow scope of its existing purpose, the Charity has been struggling in recent years to ensure that each of its almshouses are occupied.

Widening the scope of its beneficiary class will therefore mean that (i) its existing beneficiaries will continue to be supported; (ii) the Charity’s properties are more likely to be used to their full potential; iii) more persons who are in need can be supported by the Charity.


The trustees of the Charity are undertaking a consultation to seek the views of those living within the area of Barnard Castle and the area of Brough, which is where the Charity’s almshouses are located.

All responses to this consultation must be received by no later than 5pm on Wednesday 17th October 2018.

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