Countryside Productivity Small Grant (CPSG) scheme

19th June 2018

Whilst the scheme has proved popular so far, with more than 3,500 grants worth £23.5 million being awarded to successful applicents, RPA are currently advising applicants that due to a shortage in availability of several specific items the scheme rules for the first round of CPSG 2018 have been amended to overcome this shortage.

The current list of known items are:

  • Fixed Cattle Handling System (SG2)
  • Fixed Sheep Handling System (SG28)
  • Mobile Sheep Handling System (SG27)
  • Squeeze Crush (SG5)
  • Mobile Cattle Handling System (SG1)

The amended rules only applied to these specific items and all other items within your Grant Funding Agreement (GFA) must be purchased, installed and working before you are able to submit a grant claim.

What you need to do
For the items above, you should check if you can buy the items included in your GFA from other suppliers. You can now do one of the following.

  1. Follow the amended rules, which are set out below. If you follow this option, your grant payment will be delayed.
  2. Withdraw from your GFA. There will be a second round of CPSG in the autumn of this year. If you do not want to follow these amended rules, you can reapply in the second round.
  3. Keep to the terms of your original agreement. This means all items must be bought, installed and working within 150 days.

The amended rules
The amended rules apply to specific livestock handling items only. If you choose to follow these rules, you must:

  • order, pay in full for, take delivery of and install all other items included in your GFA before the end of the 150 day period
  • order and pay in full for the livestock handling items included in your GFA at your own risk before the end of the 150 day period
  • submit your grant claim to RPA by the end of the 150 day period shown in your GFA, and tell RPA the expected delivery date for the livestock handling items
  • submit final proof that the items have been delivered, such as a delivery note, by 29 March 2019.

Defra will also be opening a second round of funding, due to open in the Autumn, giving farmers who withdrew their applications, the option to have it reinstated now or in the next round. The Rural Payments Agency will be contacting grant recipients who have an offer for livestock handling equipment but have withdrawn because of issues with livestock handling equipment, to inform them of this option. Any other supply issues should be discussed with the RPA separately.

Most of the items offered through the scheme are readily available from different stockists, so applicants are encouraged to shop around when looking for items so that they can claim as quickly as possible.

If you need any advice on this or other grant schemes please contact:

James Oliver – 01665 511982
Alan Falshaw – 01388 529539
Alice Johnson – 01677 425301

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