EU Departure: is your business currently in a position to remain successful?

7th February 2019

With our departure from the EU, one of the biggest changes in history for UK agriculture, on the horizon, Elliot Taylor asks, is your business currently in a position to remain successful and achieve its objectives?

Exit EU

In an uncertain political environment, as it is in the UK right now, it’s increasingly difficult to predict the future impact our exit from the EU will have on business.  However, instead of contemplating our departure from the EU and tormenting ourselves about the impact it could have on the rural economy, I believe it’s time to put measures in place to ensure, whatever happens, your rural businesses is as resilient as possible to weather any potential ‘Brexit storm’.

I have written previously that understanding your business and exploring all opportunities for growth is vital.  You must ask questions like – What opportunities are there to make a change, invest or secure long-term business growth? What government or grant funding is available? What will be the impact from new Government policy and how can I benefit from it?  If I want to sell, what is my asset worth, what does the market look like and when is the best time? And, how do I better utilise my available assets now?

There’s a lot of information and advice available, and due to ever changing policies, requirements and eligibility rules it can be puzzling at the best of times. Our team of expert farm business consultants, planning consultants, rural surveyors and project managers have been working closely with clients over the past 18 months to help them understand their exposure to the loss of subsidy, to review their business assets and to secure their future financial stability and growth.  Our teams have a wealth of knowledge and are committed to helping clients achieve personal and business goals whilst seizing all available opportunities.

For example, in early January, several LEADER funds reopened; providing another chance for rural businesses to access government funding before we leave the EU. Despite the application window being desperately small, many of our clients were already in a position to consider applying for these grants.

In February, we will be holding a series of seminars discussing the opportunities for rural business to improve performance and reduce risk within these uncertain times. Events will take place between the 18th and 26th February in Duns, Alnwick, Corbridge, Sedgefield, Northallerton and Pocklington. Our team will be on hand to provide advice on how you can maximise your assets, grasp those opportunities and of course will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

For more information on our seminars and how to sign up, click here.

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