Do Home Improvements Increase The Price Of Your Property

4th November 2013

Home improvements might make a house more marketable but they won’t always add value. Therefore, you should not launch into expensive projects without doing your research and discovering which jobs are most likely to recoup your investment.

We decided to carry-out the research for you, so here are the findings.

Best investments

Extra space:

A loft conversion, conservatory or extension can add around 10 per cent to your home’s value, providing it’s done well and you don’t lose the entire garden.


A large, well-designed kitchen is on most buyer wish lists and can add up to 15 per cent to a property’s value, so install the best you can afford. Don’t let it get too dated either. Overhauling tiles, door handles or flooring to keep up with trends can pay off.


If you have space to add off-road parking it’s money well spent, as it’s one of the top requests and can add around £10,000 to your home’s value.


Double-glazing and central heating are expected in every home now. New energy-efficient windows and heating systems won’t just improve your prospects of selling, they’ll save you money on heating bills and add around four per cent to the value of your home.


Today’s buyers want luxury fittings but steer clear of the fashion for removing a bath altogether,many families still like to have a tub. Installing an extra bathroom will add around 15 per cent to your home’s value but not if it means you lose a bedroom.

Solar panels:

Expensive to install, they pay for themselves in around 10 to 15 years but a recent survey found people were willing to pay more for a house with renewable energy and such homes tend to sell faster. Add this to the reduction in bills and it might be worth considering as a long-term investment.

No returns

Swimming pools:

The least wanted improvement. They take up space, are costly to run and maintain, so few buyers are prepared to pay for them. Having one can even devalue or make your home harder to sell.

Basement extensions:

Very trendy right now and might help sell a house. However, the cost of doing the job can run to tens of thousands of pounds and will never increase the value of your home enough to pay for itself.

Garden improvements:

A well-maintained garden will help sell a property but it’s not worth spending a fortune on new decking, paving and water features to try to push the price up, you simply won’t recoup your money.

Brutal modernisation:

Ripping out period features to make a home look more contemporary should be avoided. Most buyers prefer original fireplaces, plasterwork and wood panelling and are happy to pay for them.

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