Landowners Losing Thousands Due to Poor Management of Export Tariffs

22nd August 2017

Landowners across the country are failing to maximise their investment due to the poor handling and performance of their energy investment contracts.

The energy investment process can be complex and confusing and, consequently, many of those who are selling their electricity to energy supply companies are getting a poor return on investment.

Switching to a large energy supplier can cause many issues if not managed appropriately. For example, if the Export Meter Number (MPAN) is not switched officially on the national meter database by your new provider, it could result in the electricity generator being paid two export payments by two separate providers and having to then repay the money owed, often deducted from their Feed in Tariff (FIT) payment. This can cause cash flow issues and could take you down a long complaints route.

Lisa Kelly, Assistant Project Manager, said: “We are working on a number of cases currently where we’re correcting mistakes that have been made in the contracts between landowners and energy companies, which are having huge implications. For instance, some clients had been left in limbo without an export provider for days, meaning they are not eligible to be paid for the electricity they’ve exported during that period.  For high exporters of energy, this means you could lose thousands of pounds and be forced into the time-consuming complaints process. Indeed, we know of instances where owners of generating equipment have lost up to £3,000 over several days.”

Lisa added: “We have cases where FIT payments have been delayed for up to seven months due to administrative errors and failures, which can cause financial difficulties. If you’re selling your energy to one of the big energy providers, we strongly recommend that you seek advice before you switch so that the entire process is managed effectively and your interests are protected ensuring you receive the maximum return on investment. If problems are identified early on in the process, complications can be avoided therefore minimising the risk of things going wrong.”

For more information on George F. White’s energy consultancy services, please contact Lisa Kelly on or 01665 600165.

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