Extensions and Conservatories

30th September 2013

More and more families are finding themselves with a need for extra space in their property. This brings with it a dilemma, should they go for an extension or a conservatory? Which is going to be the best solution for their needs?

At the moment conservatories are very fashionable but they do come with some downsides such as being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. To combat these problems it means extra cost to ensure that they are well built with air conditioning and heating systems.

Also a lot of people who build conservatories report that once the initial novelty has worn off they end up being used as somewhere to store kid’s toys and that they rarely use it as a place to relax in.

In terms of adding pure value to your property an extension is the way to go. However there are things to be aware of too:

  • Avoid the flat-roofed, single-storey horror
  • Don’t go with the cheapest builder
  • Make sure it will blend perfectly with the original house, so you can’t recognise it as an add-on

A good suggestion is to look around locally for extensions being done in your area and if the end result looks good ask the homeowner for the builder’s details.

When it comes to selling your property aesthetics are vital with first impressions being key. So you should ensure that any conservatory or extension you have had built is finished to a high standard. Internally if you’ve found that your conservatory or extension has become a storage area for toys, clothes etc. it is worth spending time clearing the room and decorating it with attractive furniture. This will pay dividends when carrying out viewings of your home.

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