Brexit, Rural Grants and Business Resilience

26th January 2018

It is clear now that there is a significant change in farm subsidies on the horizon in regards to Brexit and for many it could be substantially reduced. This is worrying for our industry as the Basic Payment Scheme and Environmental Grants account for a large percentage of turnover in many farming businesses.  Also, the industry will face further challenges from volatile markets to a shortage of farm labour, which has already, in many businesses, increased cost.

It is absolutely vital that farmers understand the financial performance of their businesses and ensure that they’re stable enough to weather the Brexit storm. The good news is that farmers have the next three or four years to do this and make certain they are flexible and resilient enough to manage these difficult times.

Over the past 12 months we have steered our advice, talks and seminars around the importance of business resilience in uncertain times and we are thrilled to present to you The Farm Road Show with George F. White. We will be hosting a series of seminars across the North in order to identify the pressures on farming businesses and give insight into what we are seeing across the sector.


We will be highlighting:
  • Common themes
  • What farmers should be doing in preparation for Brexit
  • How to access Rural Grants

This is an excellent opportunity for you to understand the current state of the farming industry as well as meeting our team and receiving expert advice in regards to your next step.

We will be hosting at various venues and dates in February:
Booking a space

If you would like to join us please get in touch with Charlotte Bryden or call 0191 605 3489 by Monday 12th February.

Please specify which venue you would like to attend and the number of place required.

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