Farming Recovery Fund – Briefing Note

10th February 2016

Adverse weather has affected farmers up and down the country, with flooding wreaking havoc on fields. In response to this, the government have opened up an emergency fund, the Farm Recovery Fund. Designed to help restore the damage caused by flooding, it’s available to farmers with land in Cumbria, Northumberland, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Durham.

If you’ve suffered uninsured losses or damage to agriculture land due to flooding, the fund could help you access a grant of up to £20,000. To help you understand more about the Farm Recovery Fund and how you access the grants, we’ve put together this PDF. It gives more information on the details of the grant, what it covers and what evidence you’ll need to present.

Whether it’s offering more insight into the fund, or helping fill out the paperwork, we’re always happy to help. With the fund coming to an end in April, it’s important you’re aware of what support you’re entitled to and how to access the fund.

Click here to download the PDF Briefing Note.

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