Michael Gove on the Future of Farming

4th January 2018

We asked Partner and Head of Farm, Simon Britton about his thoughts surrounding Michael Gove’s vision for the future of farming at the Oxford Farming Conference 2018.

Simon Britton - farming

‘Michael Gove has intimated that, post 2022, farming subsidies are clearly going to move from the current BPS scheme to a rewarding farmers for environmental benefits and promoting public access. It is hoped that this move does not jeopardise our UK Food security or force UK farmers to cut costs. The UK has one of the highest crop and animal welfare standards in the EU, let’s keep it that way.’

Over the past 12 months we have steered our advice, talks and seminars around the importance of business resilience in uncertain times. We are currently preparing our farming clients for change by helping them gain a better understanding of the financial health of their business. For more information on how our team can help you, please contact your local consultant:

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