Get It All Wrapped Up For Christmas

4th October 2012

The mention of Christmas gets earlier every year, but if you are looking to sell your house before Christmas 2012, unless you are very lucky, you are likely to find yourself in a situation where there are more houses for sale than there are buyers. To speed up the process, we have cultivated a variety of ideas.

Trying to sell your home when the media is broadcasting that property prices are falling, can prove difficult. It is more than possible, but there are several things to bear in mind to make it happen. Most importantly, it is essential that you are realistic with regards to the price. It is the perception of value that is the driving force behind buyers’ decision making. They need to feel the excitement of acquiring a perceived bargain to encourage them to cross the threshold of your property.

If the property is priced too highly, it will sit on the market into the New Year and you are unlikely to secure any viewings, resulting in no offers!

Speed up that sale!

Hot tip A: Competitive pricing

Why would a viewer look at your property instead of next-door-but-one?

If neighbouring or similar properties have been for a sale for a long time, there is little point in assuming that your own will attract interest at the same sort of level. Jumping in the river with everyone else is a recipe for disaster. It is a brave and indeed wise person who realises that in order to sell, they will need to price their own property at a more competitive level. Often an attractively priced property will not only sell quicker, but may also receive more than one offer.

In a difficult market, the traditional English method of setting a high asking price with a view to accepting an offer is actually counter productive. Buyers are seeking out the best priced homes, which is why auctions are becoming more and more popular – the lure of a potential bargain!

Hot tip B: Presenting your home

Make sure your property is clutter free, clean and tidy. On dark winter days leave lamps/lights on, have the heating on or open fires lit. Off load pets and children onto willing relatives and give yourself the time to run through all the key features of the property. Make a list of what you want to talk about in preparation for the viewing.

Viewings are hard to come by and each appointment is critical – so organise them at a time that is right for you, allowing plenty of time.

Hot tip C: Exceptional photography

The online presentation of your home is of paramount importance. The more photos which show your property in its best light, the more likely you are to get viewings. The space available, the original features, the lifestyle are all key attributes which will attract the attention of a buyer.

A wide angled camera will demonstrate the size of each room and if the pictures are taken on a sunny day the property will always look more inviting.

Hot tip D: Selling not just Advertising

Lots of agents will just advertise your property. You need to find an agent that will actively find and chase potential buyers, encouraging them to view your property.

Ask your agent to organise for their sales negotiators to visit your property. It is much easier for them to sell a property and be enthusiastic if they have seen it in person.

Hot tip E: Instruct your solicitor early

Whether selling via auction or private treaty, there is considerable merit in getting as much of the legal work undertaken at the earliest possible stage. This will ensure the time between offer and exchange is reduced and hence less risk of sales collapsing – or in the case of auction, an offer can be contractually binding.

We have a number of options available to sellers, so please speak to your nearest regional office for more information.

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