Good cheer at Bedale Point to Point

10th April 2012

Despite a drizzly start to the day, a big crowd gathered in the grounds of Hornby Castle for the annual Bedale Point to Point on Easter Saturday.

Tim Brown, from George F White Chartered Surveyors who sponsored the winners’ podium, said: ‘This is always such an enjoyable day for rural North Yorkshire and heralds the beginning of summer. As ever, there was a good atmosphere, lots of fancy dress, excellent racing and a great sense of camaraderie. We were delighted to support the Bedale Point to Point and our thanks goes to all those involved for putting on another memorable day; we look forward to being there again for 2013.’

Crowds – young and old with a strong representation from the local land owning and farming community, interspersed with their respective families who’d joined them for the Easter Weekend.

The event was as popular as ever with the young and experienced point to pointers and fortunately there were no injuries to report. The ground was running ‘good’ – perhaps a little softer than expected given the lack of rain.

Bedale Point to Point attracts a strong ‘social’ crowd who enjoy spectacular picnics from the car boot before migrating to the beer tents and hospitality suites around the course. One car had a reported marble slab filled with different truckles of cheese!

The first main race started at 1.30 pm, the sixth and last at 4.25 pm.

Bedale Point to Point Chairman – Mr Stephen Swiers said: ‘A big thank you to Mr R E H Clutterbuck for allowing the Point to Point to take place, and to Martin Metcalfe and his team for all the work they have done to get the course in such a good condition.’

Main race results

1st Race – ‘The Barkers of Northallerton Confined Hunts Conditions Race’

1st – ‘Yes I Can’ Miss Maria D Myco- J Dawson

2nd – ‘Rear Admiral’ – Mr S A Hollings – Jack Greenhall

3rd – ‘Miss Sunflower’ – Mr H L Thompson – Miss T Jackson

Strong showing – eventual winner taking it by a comfortable few lengths. Winner beating favourite.

2nd Race – ‘Bedale & West of Yore Hunts – Members, Subscribers and Farmers Race’

1st – ‘Know the Rules’ Mrs G Smith – Ian Smith

2nd – ‘New Time’ – Mr & Mrs N Thomas – Ivo Thomas

3rd – ‘Oaklands Robbie’ – Mrs J W Furness – C Furness

Very close finish between the first two. A keenly contested battle, with ‘Know the Rules’ from the West of Yore Hunt won the ‘West of Yore Challenge Cup’, with ‘New Time’ winning the ‘Bedale Hunt Perpetual Challenge Cup’ being the first Bedale owned horse past the post. Winner – local at Middleham, 2nd place – on same horse as last year.

3rd Race – ‘The Kerfoot Group Ltd Restricted Race’

1st – ‘Sous Mix’ – Mr S A Hollings

2nd – ‘Victor’ – Miss Victoria Easterby – S Charlton

3rd – ‘Hubble Bubble’ – The Pipe Dreams Partnership – C Johnston

4th Race, Ladies Open

1st – ‘Blandings Castle’ Mr N D Tutty – Miss P Tutty

2nd – ‘Narciso’ – Mrs C A Coward, Mr W Thomas & Ms T A Borusk – Miss J Coward

3rd – ‘Canada Street’ – Mrs Sharon Stead – Miss E Stead

5th Race, Men’s Open

1st – ‘My Old Piano’ – Mr Tom Bannister

2nd – ‘Over to Joe’ – Mr M Pimlott & Mr D Ward – O Pimlott

3rd – ‘Go Moss Go’ – Mr S G Jones – M Walford

6th Race, Open Maiden

1st – ‘Shankyle Park’ – The Kara Partnership (Mrs E Smith) – Richard Smith

2nd – ‘Mistic Academy’ – The Yorkshire P2P Club (Miss J Foster) – Miss J Foster

3rd – ‘Dick Reilly’ – Mr John Mackley – J Dawson

There were also two Pony Races (13.2 hands and under for riders aged 9-15 yrs over 4 furlongs 14.2 hands and under over the same distance).

First Pony Race – Winner ‘Little Anne’ owned by Mr D Todd ridden by Charlie Todd (11 yrs), 2nd place ‘Clonross Star’ owned by Mr T Hill ridden by William Hill (12 yrs), and in 3rd place – ‘Becca Walk ‘O’ the Wildside’ owned by Mr C Heward and ridden by Jade Heward (15 yrs).

Second Pony Race – Winner – ‘Judge Fox’ owned by Mrs R Frank and ridden by Lily-Grace Frank aged 15 yrs, followed in 2nd place by ‘Rosie’s Reflection’ owned by Mrs J Brooke and ridden by Danny Brooke (11 yrs), and in 3rd place ‘Green as Grass’ owned by Mrs J Broughton, ridden by Tom Broughton (14 yrs).

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