Grid application costs to be introduced

1st March 2018

Grid parity is becoming a key requirement in light of Government Policy towards coal and renewables and there’s been a surge in grid connection applications, reflecting the demand in such provisions.

From 6th April, things are set to change because landowners who wish to submit applications to use National Grid connections will now be charged under a new charging structure introduced by network operator Northern Power Grid. Access to Grid connections is vital to the sustainability of existing and new projects such as Gas Peakers and Battery Storage.


Speaking about the changes, Miles Crossley said: “The introduction of a cost structure has resulted from a huge demand for viable grid connections. It means the number of appropriate development and project sites for landowners will significantly reduce once the cost plan comes into force, due to additional financial risk.

If possible, we urge landowners to get any new applications for energy provision in before the charge plan is implemented as the application process can be costly. For example (budget applications starting at £150 through to formal applications up to £7,880). We have a lot of experience in working with landowners across the North about Grid viability and potential Grid connections. We have a track record in advising on the process and how to optimise the value of land.

Northern Power Grid are investing circa. £90 million to accommodate flexible generation, therefore the charging plan is a way of recouping cost.

For  more information about the changes, contact Miles Crossley on or alternatively call 07894 885274.

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