Mapping the way forward…

4th August 2017

Over recent months we have been developing new techniques to provide additional services to our clients and to streamline our internal processes in the field of surveying and mapping. George F. White have created a bespoke Geographical Information System (GIS) with the help of James Brett, who is a new addition to the Energy team led by Andrew Rollo. James holds a wider role to support our teams particularly within the rural, professional sectors alongside the planning and development disciplines. James is a geologist by trade who has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the manipulation of spatial data.

Ellingham-Estate-Mapping-Transition-Image-v1GIS provides a means to visualise multiple sets of data concurrently and can build a unique perspective on assets and opportunities. Without manipulative or styling constraints, we can edit spatial information to a very fine detail, allowing us to tailor the results with very specific criteria. GIS is not limited to two dimensions as elevation data brings about the potential of 3D modelling, creating entirely new visual perspectives to assets and opportunity enabling informed, smart decision making to ensure the best possible outcome.

For example, we can overlay estate ownership boundaries with adopted Local Plans, restrictive data sets and display areas which do not have a 5 year housing supply. This enables us to assess very quickly the attractiveness of the estate to potential developers, maximising the potential value. If we remove the local plan data and add in National Grid Power and gas assets, we can quickly identify if sites are prospects for developer led gas generation or battery storage projects.

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