It’s All About The Height Of The Bar

25th November 2011

What has the height of the bar got to do with estate agency??

What we are talking about here are service levels. I have lost count of the number of times that I have heard people saying ‘all estate agents are the same’! In reality we are probably to blame in that we do not, as a profession, fully explain what it is that we actually do. There is a huge amount of work which goes on behind the scenes, from well before the first appointment – right the way through to completion.

At George F White we believe that we are different and put customer service at the top of our agenda. To this end we have set down on paper a service charter, which will be given to all of our clients, clearly detailing what they can expect from us. To ensure that we deliver on our promises, we will be internally auditing our performance with regular questionnaires to our clients, inviting them to comment on our service to date.

We want to raise the bar, to ensure that our clients receive an exceptional level of service and are happy to recommend us to others. We want our clients to fully understand exactly what it is that we will do for them and the timescales attached to each event. Only then do we believe that clients will appreciate that not all estate agents are the same!

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