Landlords Strict 31 Rules For Tenants Goes Viral

10th January 2013

Londoner actress, Laura Evelyn, has hit the headlines for something other than her on stage performances this week.

Seeking a place to rent in the nation’s capital she arranged a viewing of a room within a shared house and on arrival was presented with a sheet of paper from her potential landlord. This document was a list of thirty one rules the landlord had drafted for all tenants to abide by.

A somewhat surprised Laura inspected the property and no doubt made a polite but hasty retreat, subsequently posting the ‘rules’ on her Twitter account. Within hours her Tweet had been gone viral and has already been featured by major news providers around the world.

Use the link below to view the rules (they are quite hard to find together online so we have retyped them, the formatting, grammar and punctuation are as per the original).

You will no doubt find some perfectly reasonable and perhaps a few a little strange. Laura it turns out decided not to move in.

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