New Hope For Barn Conversions In East Yorkshire

6th March 2013

There is new hope for farmers and landowners seeking planning permission to convert farm buildings into dwellings in the East Riding of Yorkshire. In the past, many Councils have been negative in their approach to planning applications for barn conversions quoting generic sustainability issues as a reason for refusal. However, in East Yorkshire this is likely to change.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council has now published its first Draft Development Plan for over 15 years and this Plan indicates that they will support the conversion of some buildings for new housing in the countryside.

The Draft Development Plan contains several planning policies of note to landowners. Policy S4 of the Draft Plan states that the conversion of buildings for new housing will be supported in the Countryside where:

  1. The preservation of the building would enhance the immediate setting,
  2. It would represent the optimal use of a heritage asset or would be appropriate enabling development to secure the future of a heritage asset; and
  3. It would re-use a redundant or disused building.

The introduction of this policy represents a departure from the Council’s previous position for this type of development. We have been informed by the Council’s Planners that they are using the Draft Plan in the determination of planning applications. This means that there is now a far greater chance of a successful application for a barn conversion than has existed in the East Riding for many years.

A word of caution however; the Plan is at present in Draft form. As such its policies are subject to change prior to eventual adoption. We advise therefore to consider striking while the iron is hot and submitting a planning application in the coming months.

George F White is now offering a “one stop shop” for the preparation and submission of planning applications and work in association with local architectural firms who have extensive experience of barn conversions for residential uses. Our planning team in Shiptonthorpe, in the heart of the East Riding, are more than happy to discuss a project with you.

Please call Killian Gallagher (Chartered Town Planner) on 01430 876010 or email him for a no obligation consultation.

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