Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy

6th July 2017

At the Full Council meeting on 5th July, Northumberland Council voted to withdraw the Local Plan Core Strategy from the Examination scheduled for September 2017, to review population and housing targets which Conservative Members consider to be too high and a threat the Green Belt. The motion was approved by 39 votes to 22 with two abstentions.

Whilst the review is being undertaken, the determination of planning applications will revert to existing local plan and Core Strategy policies of the former District and Boroughs, most of these being many years out of date and accordingly carry little weight in decision making, specifically where they do not accord with the National Planning Policy Framework.

In the interim this provides an opportunity for developers and landowners to submit applications for residential developments in a now weakened decision-making policy framework, and if necessary, challenge any refusals through the appeal process.

For further information or assistance with planning applications contact Stephanie Linnell or Craig Ross on 01665 603231.

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