Opportunity For Farmers To Discover How Small Scale Rural Planning Projects Can Deliver Great Returns

10th May 2013

Recent changes and a more business-orientated approach from central Government has meant that the planning system presents many opportunities for farmers and landowners willing to consider small scale development projects. Those interested in learning more about these opportunities are invited to attend a free seminar being organised by George F White, in conjunction with the NFU, on 15th May 2013 at Driffield Rugby Club.

Killian Gallagher, Planning Consultant, George F. White said: “The planning system is often portrayed in the media as being a hindrance to development and a pile of bureaucratic red tape. However, thanks to recent changes, for many farmers and other landowners in Yorkshire, relatively small scale planning projects can generate significant money and represent a very good return on investment.

At this seminar, we will explain how by working with, as opposed to against, the planning system and approaching it in the right fashion, one can maximise the value of your assets.”

Killian will discuss three specific ways of doing this at the seminar, including barn conversions, the removal of agricultural occupancy conditions and the challenges of getting planning permission for a house on a farm.

Killian commented: “Many farms have redundant and derelict farm buildings which are now ripe for conversion. Changes in planning policy in the East Riding have meant that whilst traditionally, it was difficult to obtain planning permission for residential uses of barn conversions, it is now very much back on the agenda. In terms of the removal of agricultural occupancy conditions, this process can result in an uplift in value of residential property of around one third, therefore a £200,000 restricted occupancy house would be worth £300,000 without. Both opportunities that are certainly worth considering.”

The seminar will also feature Lucinda Douglas from the NFU who will be discussing how the NFU can support its members with planning and other legal issues.

To reserve your place(s) please email Paul Young or call 01665 600164. The seminar starts at 6.30pm and includes a pie and pea supper.

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