Plan For A Future Legacy

2nd July 2012

It may not have escaped your attention that 2012 for the UK is a cumalation of planning, commitment and entertainment with the Queens Jubilee, (The Euro’s) and of course the Olympics.

One of the reasons we are led to believe we were successful in hosting this years games was due to the planned legacy that it would leave in place for the country; a cynic remains to be convinced!

Why not make 2012 the year that you put those plans into action? With increasing uncertainty and regulation facing the farming and rural industry, is no not the time to consider diversifying your business or putting plans into place for the future?

For farming clients, the volatility in the industry continues to underpin decision making. Will the Euro exchange rate remain favourable? Can your business stand a 20% change in this?

We are getting more guidance on the proposed changes in the CAP reform – what will the Environmental Focus Areas mean for your business? Can you ‘manage’ dual use’ issues that are becoming more prevalent, particularly in the upland areas that are more reliant on Environmental Stewardship income than the lowland farmers.

With the Eurozone continuing to cause widescale concern, an an ever increasing focus on where our food comes from, is it time to review those ideas of connecting with the supply chain. The availability of grant funding aimed at this area underpins the National commitment to turning these ideas into reality.

Business Planning, Succession, Tax, Trusts are not necessarily something that sits high on most farming businesses as issues to address; why not consider reviewing what you’re doing, and look at how you might preserve this for future generations, or create a new business stream from existing assets for other family members to take on as a sustainable future.

Doing the same thing today, as you were tomorrow may serve you well now, but without turning the ideas into planned reality, you may miss out on the next opportunity.

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