Planning Permission: achieving a positive outcome against officer advice

24th April 2019

Our team of Planning Consultants have been working hard to seek planning permission for five new dwellings near Christon Bank in Northumberland; the site has now been approved by the local area council despite being initially recommended for refusal by planning officers.

Planning Permission

About the site

The site in question is currently a stable block and arena on a farm surrounded by existing dwellings, just 400 metres from the village of Christon Bank; however, amongst six other reasons, the site was recommended for refusal on sustainability grounds (referring to its open countryside location).

Gaining approval

After initial recommendation for refusal, Craig Ross, a Partner at George F. White, addressed committee and requested they visit the site to see its close proximity to Christon Bank in order to show that the site wasn’t functionally or physically isolated, therefore making it a sustainable location for new development.

The local area council then went against initial recommendation of planning officers and granted planning permission on the condition that more information is submitted regarding:

  • Noise;
  • Contamination;
  • Heritage;
  • Odour;
  • and Drainage

This is fantastic news as it is typical that a landowner / developer seeking planning permission would have to supply this information prior to the certainty of a positive outcome, thus saving on upfront costs.

What does this mean for other landowners?

If you’re a landowner with land adjacent to, but not necessarily in, a settlement or have been disheartened by prior planning permission refusals due to initial officer feedback then now might be the time to try again for seek planning permission.

Please get in touch with out planning teams today:
Alnwick – 01665 603231
Wolsingham – 01388 527966
Bedale – ​01677 425301

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