Presenting Your Property For Sale

9th March 2012

Why is it that two properties which appear the same on paper, sell for vastly different prices? Quite often, it simply comes down to a matter of presentation.

First impressions do count – and with the internet being the preferred method of searching, this becomes all the more important both inside and out. Never ignore kerb appeal!

So act like a buyer. Approach your own home as if for the first time … critically! Try to look for things you have learned to live with, but could be seen as negatives…. the front garden should be neat and tidy, any rubbish, ornaments, etc stored out of sight, the path weed-free, a newly painted fence or freshly clipped hedge is welcoming and gives the distinct impression of a cared for home.

As for the exterior of the house, a lick of fresh paint costs next to nothing but is proven as one of the most important factors in creating a good impression – clean windows with neatly painted frames also add a little sparkle. Even touches such as making sure that it is easy for buyers to park when they arrive can be important.

Obviously when presenting your property it should be neat and tidy, all paintwork should be clean and free from cracks, marks and chips should be touched up. A vase of fresh flowers never goes amiss!

Bright and Cheery

Even during the day, leave as many lights on as you can, keep the curtains wide open and windows clean. Similarly, trees and shrubs which shade windows may need to be pruned to increase natural light. At night switch on all lights, replacing any blown bulbs and dingy fluorescent tubes. Never forget to light the fire!


It is very important to make each room appear as spacious as possible. Sometimes it is sensible to look at re-arranging furniture. It may be necessary to store some furniture with a friend, a self-storage company or in the garage to ‘open-up’ rooms and hallways.

Create the right ambience

Avoid loud noises, barking dogs, your children and the TV. It is vital that buyers feel comfortable when viewing and don’t become distracted by external factors. Think about your colour schemes and whether or not they will appeal to all. If you have pets, make sure that there are no odours which may be off-putting and don’t forget to check the garden!

. . . And finally

When showing your home to a prospective buyer, avoid having too many people present. Be polite, but don’t try to entertain your buyers. They want to inspect your home, not pay a social call. If you feel comfortable, let them have a walk around on their own, once you have given them an initial tour. Finally, if they want to offer – refer them to your agent; it’s what you’re paying us for!

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