Property Sales – is there a ‘best time’?

4th December 2017

Despite our recurring advice that now is as good as time as any to sell your property we still hear the same comments from cautious vendors that feel the best time of year for property sales is the spring.

Property Sales


Undoubtedly, in the spring, flowers are breaking through, grass is greener and we stand a better chance of brighter weather, but we ask those nervous sellers; why wait until there is a flood of other property to the market?

It is rare for a buyer to be searching for a new property on a whim. Generally speaking, buyers tend to also be selling, and again, generally speaking, buyers move for a reason other than because they fancy a change. The most common reasons we see for property sales in the present climate is to be nearer to family, relocation due to work or up/downsizing because the property no longer meets their requirements. Those factors are present steadily throughout the year which tells us that there is no particular merit in waiting for good weather (if indeed it ever arrives!?) especially when you will have the highest levels of competition in the market to sell.

Onthemarket and Rightmove report that visitor numbers to their sites hit record highs on Boxing Day and during the Christmas holidays so we are still urging vendors not to miss the Christmas rush. We have experienced our busiest quarter during December to February for the last 2 years running.

We do however acknowledge how important it is to wait for the time that is right for you. If you rush into a property sale without preparing, it may not be presented in the best way and when the point comes to agree on or complete a sale you may have a change of heart, delaying or damaging the marketing process.

Recently there have been shaky reports of how the housing market is performing and it is very dependent upon area. In the approach to the ‘C’ word (Christmas) even though there is a slight decrease in viewing numbers, the number of offers being received is still on track and there are a number of people enquiring on a daily basis who can not find what they are looking for due to a lack of properties being offered for sale.

We are always happy to chat over ideas and give general advice regarding property sales and letting. Please feel free to contact our friendly and professional team:

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