Knowledge of local variabilities is key to informed investment in a recovering Newcastle market

GFW Research has analysed the association between capital growth and rental yield in specific streets within three locations in Newcastle upon Tyne. Consideration of the demographics combined with analysis of capital growth and yield provides investors with an understanding of the indicators that will assist in the assessment of return on investment both now and into the future.

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Pylons and Oversail - Their impact and the financial opportunities

New research by land and property specialists George F. White has revealed that landowners could be owed thousands in pylon damage and disturbance compensation.

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Impact of HMOs to Investors in Jesmond

GFW Research has recently analysed the returns to be made by investing in Jesmond. Compiled to help property investors make informed decisions about the location and property they choose to invest in, it’s found that when purchasing in this specific location planning policies have impacted on capital values and rental returns. Returns could be reduced here by as much as 37% due to constraints on occupancy. Jesmond attracts higher than average property values as it is a location where many wish to live, however purchasing a property that you can’t let out to multiple occupants could reduce its ability to maximise value.

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