Revised National Planning Policy Framework

25th July 2018

The revised NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) (2018) was released yesterday amid a raft of other national legislation before the start of the Parliament recess. The draft was issued in March 2018 and has been subject to consultation, initially it looks like there have been very few changes from this draft. We are just wading our way through it to see what the changes are and what implications these may have for our clients.

There is an increased emphasis on high quality design to be achieved in new developments and through development plan policies including Neighbourhood Plans to reflect local characteristics. The Framework reaffirms protect of Green Belt land provides further protection for biodiversity ancient woodland and trees, and stresses greater importance on air quality.

It confirms a methodology for calculating housing need across different forms and tenures and crucially from November 2018 Council’s will have to meet a Housing Delivery Test. This focuses on driving up the number of homes delivered in areas, as opposed to how many are planned for. Councils that under-deliver against a three year housing target – will be penalised. The Framework also places greater emphasis on small sites recognising the need for a greater variety of site to come forward through the planning system.

It’s important to ensure that we assess and interpret its content much of which is aimed at responding to a national housing crisis and preparing for the impacts economically of a post Brexit environment, and advise our clients accordingly.

The government repeated its goal to building 300,000 new homes a year “by the mid-2020s”.

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