Single Payment Scheme Rates Announced

27th October 2011

The RPA has announced the new flat rate values for the three English regions under the 2011 Single Payment Scheme.

– €289.94 for non-SDA (Severely Disadvantaged Areas) (£251.28)
– €233.95 for upland SDA, other than moorland (£202.75)
– €40.82 for upland SDA moorland (£35.38)

The Euro rate of exchange was set at €1 = £ 0.86665 on the 30th September. With this information farmers can now accurately calculate what they will receive later in the year for their 2011 payment for cash flow planning. The flat rate is increasing from 75% in 2010 to 90% of the annual payment in 2011, which amounts to a 21% increase in the flat rate payment from last year.

Louis Fell of George F. White said “It is becoming more and more important to be able to accurately calculate farming income, and in an ideal world, when it is coming in. Farmers need to be able to accurately assess whether their subsidy income has fallen, stayed the same or for some, increased, and with CAP Reform fresh on the agenda it’s even more important to have a grip on what you’re going to get, or not get each year. The annual announcement of the rates allow for more accurate planning. The 2011 payment is the last year that there will be any History associated with the payment, so the value of the flat rate has become significant”.

“We anticipate that only farmers who have had high historic values over the last few years will continue to see a decrease in their payment, whereas most will receive a similar level of subsidy to last year or in some cases more.”

“We know that the recent announcement of the CAP Reforms will be making farmers analyse their Single Payment income in more detail this year. We have been digesting all the reform proposals to be able to fully advise our clients on what will happen, and whether we can mitigate against any potential losses to their income stream.

If you would like to be kept up to date with all the cap reform proposals or any subsidy matters just email and we can continue to keep you informed or alternatively contact any of our Subsidy teams in each office who can help calculate accurately what will be received this year”.

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