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Farmers Urged to Apply for 2017 Hedgerow and Boundaries Grant

The Hedgerow and Boundary Grant (HBG) scheme, which is now open, offers up to £5,000, with a minimum of £1,000, worth of funding to landowners including farmers, foresters and woodland owners who want to restore boundary features, such as hedges and stone walls.

Commenting on the new grant, David Hume, a farm business consultant at land, property and business consultancy George F. White, said: “The updated grant is good news for farmers and other landowners as this year a lot more land is eligible for funding. Unlike 2016, this year’s grant is now available to those farmers who have an existing Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) agreement or Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) agreement. However, land in an Uplands Entry Level (UELS), Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) agreement and Mid or Higher Tier Countryside Stewardship agreements cannot be included in an HBG application.”

Hume continued: “The deadline to apply for the grant to Natural England is Friday 28th April and we are already working on applications with several clients. Whether it’s hedgerow laying, coppicing, gapping up or earth bank restoration, stoned faced bank restoration or stone wall restoration for example, the grant can provide the financial help landowners need to do such works. It’s a competitive scheme with the highest scoring applications being accepted so it is vital that farmers and landowners seek advice on how best to apply for the grant.”

If you would like more information about the 2017 Hedgerow and Boundaries Grant, please contact:

David Hume – Northumberland and Borders – davidhume@georgefwhite.co.uk or 01665 511986
Alan Falshaw – County Durham – alanfalshaw@georgefwhite.co.uk or 01388 529539
Sally Horrocks – Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire – sallyhorrocks@georgefwhite.co.uk or 01677 458201