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GFW Planning Surgery

On the 16th April 2019, we’ll be hosting free, 30-minute planning surgeries from 9am – 5pm in our Alnwick and Newcastle offices.

There’s no need to make an appointment, please feel free to drop in and our team will be able to assist you when available; however, if you’d prefer to confirm a specific time please contact Amanda Devereux.

If you aren’t available on the 16th, please get in touch and we’ll arrange to meet with you at your convenience.


Our teams are available to answer any of your planning queries, including (but not limited to):

  • New build homes;
  • Conversions;
  • Tourism Accommodation;
  • Removal of Occupancy Conditions;
  • Commercial, Office and Retail;
  • Leisure;
  • Education;
  • Energy;
  • Minerals and Waste;
  • Enforcement Issues; and
  • Listed Buildings.

planning team

Our Planning, Architecture and Development team consists of 16 experts, based in the North of England. The team have secured planning consent for thousands of new homes and advise on wide ranging projects from schools and quarries to holiday accommodation.

Thanks to our team of in house planners, architects, surveyors and GIS mappers, we can offer a one stop shop for any land, property and business matter.

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Yorkshire Landowners Urged to Tap into Local Authority Development Opportunities

Farmers and landowners have been urged to take advantage of current development opportunities that have arisen across the region due to the absence of a five-year housing land supply programme.

Land Planning

Under the National Planning Policy Framework, local authorities must, by law, demonstrate a five-year supply or the relevant Local Plan policies are deemed out of date. If this happens, the Framework’s “presumption in favour of sustainable development” is initiated meaning that those councils unable to demonstrate their five-year plan are in a much more vulnerable position when it comes to speculative planning applications.

“Farmers and landowners need to act now,” said Helen Boston, a planning consultant at George F. White. “Currently, many councils across Yorkshire are preparing a new Local Plan or reviewing their existing Plan. The opportunity therefore to sell land at a significantly higher value, if planning permission can be achieved, is there to take advantage of. We’re working with a number of clients at the moment on such opportunities, guiding them through the development process to ensure their asset fulfils its potential.”

Some local authorities are under considerable pressure to demonstrate that they have a healthy supply pipeline of land for development. As such, preparing, reviewing and amending their Local Plan is a key priority for them, and, critically, an ideal time to speak to them about potential development sites.

“We can provide guidance for a range of planning, architectural, development and sale matters,” added Boston. “Whether it’s something you want to pursue yourself and just need to know if it’s feasible or not, or you’d like us to negotiate with developers on your behalf and oversee the project management of a development programme, we can assist. Either way, there could be a great opportunity to maximise the value of your land now, as local authorities focus on defining their long-term regional development strategies.”

For strategic planning and development opportunities in your area and support in putting your land forward for development, please contact Helen Boston on helenboston@georgefwhite.co.uk or 01677 425301.