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Grid application costs to be introduced

Grid parity is becoming a key requirement in light of Government Policy towards coal and renewables and there’s been a surge in grid connection applications, reflecting the demand in such provisions.

From 6th April, things are set to change because landowners who wish to submit applications to use National Grid connections will now be charged under a new charging structure introduced by network operator Northern Power Grid. Access to Grid connections is vital to the sustainability of existing and new projects such as Gas Peakers and Battery Storage.


Speaking about the changes, Miles Crossley said: “The introduction of a cost structure has resulted from a huge demand for viable grid connections. It means the number of appropriate development and project sites for landowners will significantly reduce once the cost plan comes into force, due to additional financial risk.

If possible, we urge landowners to get any new applications for energy provision in before the charge plan is implemented as the application process can be costly. For example (budget applications starting at £150 through to formal applications up to £7,880). We have a lot of experience in working with landowners across the North about Grid viability and potential Grid connections. We have a track record in advising on the process and how to optimise the value of land.

Northern Power Grid are investing circa. £90 million to accommodate flexible generation, therefore the charging plan is a way of recouping cost.

For  more information about the changes, contact Miles Crossley on milescrossley@georgefwhite.co.uk or alternatively call 07894 885274.

New Nuclear Power Station Offers Compensation Opportunities for North West Landowners

North West landowners are being urged to take advantage of compensation opportunities offered by National Grid for the electricity provisions that need to be constructed for the new nuclear power station in West Cumbria.

The power station requires new electricity lines which will mean new equipment such as pylons will need to be built across 102 miles of land in the North West region. Public consultations giving people the opportunity to comment on the technologies that will be used to build the connection and where equipment will be located are due to end at the middle of January, with the first preferred route work starting soon after this.

Talking about the project, Tim Michie, a rural practice surveyor at George F. White, said: “By the end of January, National Grid is hoping to start its initial archaeological digs on the land that the pylons will be erected on. At this point, it’s wise that landowners start looking at initial compensation claims for issues including damage and disturbance, crop loss and reinstatement. Where National Grid apparatus, such as pylons, directly cross private property, landowners are entitled to one-off or annual compensation payments in exchange for land use and access for maintenance.”

Michie continued: “By the summer, National Grid will be looking to agree heads of terms with affected landowners for entry and right of access onto their land to construct necessary apparatus and use required equipment which is where the exact details of the compensation package can be agreed and put into writing. We want to make landowners fully aware of their compensation entitlement and we  strongly advise that they start negotiations with National Grid early in the New Year so that they’re fully up to date with what financial compensation they could potentially receive.”

If you would like some advice or help in dealing with National Grid regards what compensation you could be entitled to if your land is affected, please contact Tim Michie on  timmichie@georgefwhite.co.uk or 01665 511992.