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Tim Michie: Rural Partner Appointment

George F. White has appointed a new Partner in a strategic move to bolster their rural professional services. Tim Michie, who joined the firm as an APC Rural Graduate from the Royal Agricultural University in 2011, has been appointed as Partner; leading the rural professional team in Northumberland and the Borders as well as Land and Farm Agency across all offices and regions.

Tim Michie

Congratulating Tim on his appointment, George White, Founder and Senior Partner at the firm, said: “The sheer hard work and determination Tim has demonstrated since joining the firm in 2011 as a graduate is phenomenal. Not only has he succeeded in his professional work, but has made it his business to support the professional and personal development of others, creating a strong and highly motivated group of individuals as well as advocating our brand ethos, ‘people are at the centre of everything we do’. I have taken great pleasure in mentoring Tim over the years and he has become a great friend. Tim is one of a kind in the way he conducts such strong relationships with clients and the community and I am sure they, alongside the rest of the business, will share my confidence and admiration for him in his new role.”

Tim Michie has specialist knowledge of the traditional rural sector, however, is well versed in the political landscape and the opportunities that surround UK agriculture; he works alongside RICS commercial surveyors, RTPI planners as well technical consultants to ensure that his clients receive sound advice on managing and developing their assets.

Speaking about his new role, Tim said: “My appointment as Partner is testament to the support that I have received throughout my post-graduate studies and professional development from George F. White. I hope to continue this people-focused culture with the young people and graduates that are currently coming through the business. I am, of course, over the moon and I am looking forward to building upon the service that George founded with the business 40 years ago. It is an uncertain time for UK agriculture, however, as an industry, we remain strong and I will be focusing on ensuring our clients are exploring the opportunities that are available to them now and, alongside our farm team, preparing their businesses for opportunities that will arise in the future.”

Sally Hart: Inspiring Northern Talent

Late last year, Sally Hart, Operations Director at George F. White, was announced as the firms first female equity partner; breaking the mould in a typically male orientated industry.

Sally was originally appointed as Head of Communications in 2014. Six months into her, she was invited to join the Board following the way she had transformed the communications of the business, with teams working better together internally and the firm maintaining a prominent and consistent external profile. In what was largely a natural progression for Sally, she became Operations Director in January 2017, a position she’s now held for over two years. Sally’s first move as Operations Director was to conduct a full business review, since then, she has restructured the business in a way that has created a positive difference to its people; improving their confidence, career opportunities and rewards, which has led to the pinnacle of her career – an invitation from the Group to become equity partner in recognition of the role she plays within the business.

Sally Hart

Speaking about Sally’s success, Managing Partner Robyn Peat, said: “The amount Sally has achieved in such a short space of time is phenomenal. In her first 18 months as Operations Director, she introduced key initiatives, from improving employee well being, strengthening client care and streamlining how the business is managed internally; that has transformed how we operate, creating a stronger, more successful business model which puts people at the centre of what we do to enable consistent growth and development. As a young female director, Highly Commended at the recent Institute of Director Awards and North East Business Woman of the Year Awards, now Equity Partner, Sally also started a family during such a crucial time in her career, she breaks the tradition in the sector and represents a positive and powerful role model, not only to women in our industry, but women in business across the Northern region. Sally doesn’t just look after the business side of things, but the people who make the business a success too – and that’s a rare talent.”

When asked about her experience of being a woman in business within the North East, Sally said: “I personally have never felt that I have been disadvantaged in business for being a woman, however, I have experienced perceptions towards me, whether that be age or gender,” she continued, “The biggest perception, for me, is that as soon as you start a family, your career is over – this is simply not true. I started my own family within my first year as Operations Director and have since been invited to become an equity partner. I truly believe that you define your own success; if you have a strong skill set and ambition then it is all about finding the opportunity or business that will support your development and growth. We should be very proud of the support network that exists for both business women and men in the region; it is right that we actively encourage and champion one another.”

Sally believes that people are at the heart of everything, therefore is concentrating on engaging with young talent, ensuring that George F. White develop the next generation of their team, both male and female, to be the best they can be.

Speaking about diversifying the industry, Sally said: “I hope to help inspire other women in business, demonstrating to them that there is opportunity to excel in whatever industry you work within. The business landscape is forever changing, becoming increasingly competitive and chaotic both at the same time. I truly believe that this presents a great opportunity to push forward the mutual business desire, cross-sector, to create level playing field and equality for all to succeed.”

Andrew Jamieson is appointed as Partner

We are thrilled to have appointed Andrew Jamieson as a Partner to our farm consultancy team.

Andrew Jamieson

Andrew Jamieson, who has previously worked in the farm team at George F. White, will be predominately based in the Duns office, covering the Northumberland, Borders and Cumbria regions, supporting landowners and farmers on a range of operational, financial and business planning matters. He re-joins the team to expand the our offering, strengthen our range of farm consultancy services, and attract a wider client base from the Borders down to the North West region.

Andrew has specialist knowledge of the traditional farm sector and how it operates as well as commercial planning, development and energy experience, which will provide an extra dimension to the overall farm support services that we offer.

He is also well versed on the current political landscape and farming policies which means he can offer a holistic approach in his advice to farmers, not only providing support from an operational aspect – Andrew has been working with farmers for 15 years so has a lot to offer in terms of practical farm management – but also helping them to direct their business, and make it more resilient, through looking for opportunities to make positive changes to land ownership and use and investing in new ways to generate second income streams.

Simon Britton said: “It’s wonderful to have Andrew back on board, joining us as a Partner in the business, who enhances our farm consultancy team through the capabilities, connections and credibility he brings. Andrew has a special kind of calibre that is hard to find, and something that will distinguish our team from other farm consultancy services out there. His first-hand experience with farmers and landowners and his relationships with local architects, planners and developers will strengthen our farm team’s ability in helping clients to realise the potential of their land and business. Andrew will work closely with landowners and farmers, advising them on how they can safeguard their core farming businesses through diversification and take them through careful business planning and diversification, guiding them through the steps they need to take to do this, bringing in the wider teams at George F. White for specific guidance a farmer may need such as planning and development, engineering or surveying. I am delighted to welcome him back.”

Farmers are currently facing big changes – Brexit, volatile market prices and challenging weather conditions – so Andrew’s proven track record of not only identifying problems but finding innovative solutions will be a key asset to our team as we guide farmers through this period of instability, but also opportunity.

Talking about his new role, Andrew said: “It’s great to be back and be part of such a vibrant and skilled team that’s gone from strength to strength over the last five years. The people-focused culture of George F. White and the way the Group really nurtures its employees, helping them to achieve their personal development goals, in the context of the wider business objectives, really appealed to me. I hope my experience and knowledge can help to broaden the Group’s offering to its existing farm and land clients, but also attract a wider client base through a cross-delivery of support, from practical farm management to strategic commercial advice, to help build resilience in turbulent times. I can’t wait to get started!”

We hope you will join us in welcoming Andrew back to our team.