Thirty Years On…

13th August 2018

Now in his thirtieth year with the company, we sat down with Managing Partner, Robyn Peat, to reflect on his time and we picked out a handful of things you may not know about him…

Robyn Peat grew up near the market town of Barnard Castle surrounded by open countryside; inspiring him to study Estate Management at The Royal Agricultural College in Gloucestershire. Robyn then worked in Oxfordshire, managing land owned by a number of the university colleges before returning home to County Durham, to work at George F. White in 1989.

People are at the core of everything Robyn wants to achieve; for clients, by providing clarity and direction to make decisions, and for his colleagues, by giving them responsibility and accountability for their decisions.

Surveying is a diverse profession and understanding the opportunity in the market from the expert knowledge within George F. White allows the business to give the very best advice becoming a trusted advisor, often for successive generations.

‘If you think you can – you can’ is the best advice Robyn received early on in his career, and he likes to encourage the staff at George F. White similarly.  He does not believe in micro management and trusts that ‘excellent people provide excellent results’.

Robyn enjoys working hard and is always on the go.  He balances his management role with direct engagement with clients because he ‘loves client work’; it allows him to see where the business needs to go.  His biggest challenge is time management but he relishes juggling hats and enjoys being lean with his time.  Routine, where possible, is a key part of his success and allows him the ability to be spontaneous when called upon. Robyn also believes a sense of humour is an essential characteristic.

Three things Robyn is never seen without are his black notebook; he makes copious jottings of pertinent points during meetings and conversations, his phone; he only has one number on which clients and friends alike can contact him, and his dog Meg, a border terrier, who has loyally travelled to offices and farms around the region for the last 13 years.

When he’s not at work Robyn likes to find time for reflection and thinking by fly fishing in the Tees or reading.  His favourite book is still one he read as a teenager; ‘Arch of Triumph’ by Erich Maria Remarque. But again its people that are the heart of Robyn’s down time either in the village community pub or shooting game in winter.

How would Robyn like to be defined? For doing the right thing.

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