Void periods at low level for most landlords

4th August 2021

Good news for landlords! Rental void periods are at a low level across large areas of the UK at the moment according to recent research. 500 landlords from across the country were surveyed to help understand the changing demands of the buy to let market.

Landlords situated in the East of England experienced just 10 weeks of void periods over a 12 months period, with 25% of landlords advising their properties are empty for less than a month over the course of a year.

In a market where landlords are under pressure from increased taxation and legislation, this news is a relief for landlords to be able to have continuity of rental income.

Coupled with high rents and strong tenant demand, now is a great time for a landlord to be letting, or to think about increasing a portfolio. Call one of our team on 0333 920 2220 today to have a chat!

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