Water Abstraction Licence

1st October 2019

Due to legislative changes, the majority of people using 20 cubic metres of water a day (4,440 gallons) from a borehole, well or spring will now require an Environmental Agency Water Resources Licence.  Shared abstractions also require licensing if the combined peak daily water use exceeds the 20 cubic meter threshold.

Applying for a licence as a previously exempt abstraction will secure your rights as a protected water user and help to maintain longevity of supply. Previously exempt purposes that now required a licence include:

  • All forms of irrigation including trickle
  • Transfers into managed wetland systems
  • Abstractions within previously exempt areas
  • Transferring water by a navigation, harbour or conservancy authority
  • Abstracting water into and between internal drainage districts
  • Dewatering mines, quarries and engineering works
  • Warping (abstraction of water containing silt for deposit onto agricultural land)
  • The majority of abstractions covered by Crown and visiting forces

The 2-year period to apply for a licence will end on the 31st of December, however all applications must be submitted by the end of October due to the lengthy validation process. Without a valid application on the 31st of December, your right to abstract water will automatically be lost and it will then become an illegal activity.

To protect your supply of water, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jamie Oliver (07595 057140) should you have any questions or queries regarding the above.

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