How we can help you...

George F. White offers done surveys and aerial inspections of the highest quality, to inspect and record structures, site development and provide marketing imagery for land and buildings.

What makes us unique

  • George F. White utilise fully trained, certified, insured and qualified pilots and have the backing of Chartered Building Surveyors to review findings from a drone survey immediately. Clients can rest assured they are in safe hands with our service.
  • Head of Building Surveying James Cullen, is a fully qualified, Civil Aviation Authority Approved drone pilot.
  • We utilise the latest, specialist drone technology to provide 4k & HD imagery and video.
  • We understand buildings and can effectively analyse the footage in real time to identify defect areas of concern with a building or structure.
  • We use the latest drone technology and are always upgrading equipment to keep up to date with technological demands.
  • We can combine our drone surveys with thermal imaging cameras to complete aerial thermal imaging surveys. This is a popular application to identify thermal cold spots in buildings, identify damaged solar panels, identify heat spots in land and to identify water ingress in buildings.
Key Contact

James Cullen

Associate, Head of Building Surveying

07776 683279