George F. White, with over 30 years’ experience, have a track record of successfully supporting  property litigation through the provision of technical expert witness reports. Disputes can arise from a number of situations, our areas of expertise include partnerships and business disputes to divorce and probate issues as well as landlord and tenant disputes and succession. Dispute resolution takes skilled negotiation and a deep understanding of the facts and technical information which our team are committed to providing.

From property to valuation disputes we are practiced in arbitration, mediation and advocacy as both expert witness and shadow expert. We provide clear, fair and reasoned analysis in order to deliver solutions for you. Our understanding of a broad range of issues allows us to input professionally alongside solicitors to review budgets, accounts and produce agricultural justification proposals.

Dispute resolution and provision with a reputation for delivering expert opinions in courts and tribunals; our team are skilled in forming a clear and informed opinion that is fair and reasonable and in line with the Civil Procedure Rules and any other professional requirements.

Committed to fully assessing the relevant facts and understanding the detail we communicate and collaborate to deliver expert opinion for both business and personal matters to seek a resolution.

Operating nationally, we provide advice on and challenge restrictive covenants, review the options available for our client and guide them through the route most likely to achieve the desired outcome. We understand that our clients need expert, technical knowledge as well as someone who will fight their corner in a dispute.

Our team provides advice, detailed reports and attends hearings to support:

  • Valuation negligence claims
  • Partnership, company and other business disputes
  • Option and Promotion Agreements disputes
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Restrictive covenant matters
  • Planning disputes
  • Flood and water issues
  • Various landlord and tenant disputes
  • Probate matters
Key Contact

Robyn Peat

Managing Partner

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Key Contact

Andrew Entwistle

Partner, Head of Valuations

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Key Contact

James Carruthers

Senior Associate - Commercial Surveyor

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