If your land, business or property is due to be affected by the HS2 Scheme, we can help you.  We have an excellent team of people that specialise in acting on behalf of landowners and occupiers, residents and commercial operations whose land, property or business is affected by rail infrastructure schemes. Our dedicated team are already dealing with a wide variety of instructions and have an in-depth understanding of the rail statutory framework which governs the new HS2 scheme.

Whether you are a resident, owning or renting your home, a farmer, either owning or occupying agricultural land, or involved within a commercial business enterprise, we have a specialised compulsory purchase and compensation team which will act on your behalf to ensure that you are fully remunerated for any loss that is incurred resulting from the compulsory acquisition of your property or the detrimental impact the HS2 scheme may have on your land, property or business. We will focus on your situation and ensure that the best result is delivered for you.

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Your problems... that we can solve

  • If your residence, land or property is due to be compulsory acquired to make way for the HS2 scheme.
  • Your property is not due to be acquired but will be severally impacted upon by the scheme.
  • Access is required across your property to enable the construction works to take place.
  • You operate a commercial enterprise or business whose premises is either due to be compulsory acquired by the HS2 Scheme, or whose commercial activities will be severely impacted upon by the HS2 scheme.
  • You are a resident and have a dwelling which is due to be compulsory acquired by the HS2 scheme.
  • You own agricultural land which is due to be severed by the HS2 proposal which will have a detrimental impact upon your business.
  • You own minerals which will become sterilised by the HS2 scheme.
  • A temporary storage compound is required upon your property.
  • Your land or property will be injuriously affected by the HS2 scheme.
  • You own or operate renewable energy schemes which may be impacted upon my the HS2 proposals.
  • Agricultural losses. Crop losses and grazing losses will be incurred.

For further advice please contact:

Robert Moore – 07590 230510
Matthew Brown – 07854 903631
Duncan Clarke – 07834 321429